Turbulent Sky is Peter Ridge‘s blog on technology and digital life. Much of the blog’s content revolves around solutions to interesting problems that he encounters with computers, software and consumer electronics.

Having first learned about computers and the concept of binary numbers in elementary school, Peter pretty much grew up a techie and a do-it-yourselfer (DIY). The first computer that he learned to program on was a Texas Instruments TI 99/4–the first 16-bit personal computer. Although formally trained in electrical engineering with an emphasis in computer hardware, his career has primarily focused on software engineering, product development and product management.

Peter has written and contributed to several books about computers and multimedia including The BusinessWeek Guide to Multimedia Presentations, Sound Blaster: The Official Book and The Book of SCSI. He is also an inventor on several U.S. technology patents.

The Turbulent Sky header image, “Tormenta Urroz Villa“, is by VaqueroFrancis and used in accordance with Creative Commons. The bottom portion of the original was cropped to fit the aspect ratio of the header area.

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