Firefox 3 Beta Downloads Always Open in the Same Application

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been using Firefox 3 Beta 5 quite a bit lately. When I used the Downloads dialog to Open Containing Folder for a document I had downloaded, Firefox asked me what program to use to open file links. Naturally, I selected the application for opening documents, oowriter. Bzzzt! Wrong answer.

Now, it wants to use oowriter to open every file and folder. Firefox wasn’t really asking for which application it should use to open a file, but a file link. So, I should’ve picked a file manager such as Konqueror, Dolphin, Thunar, etc. To fix this, go to Preferences (in the Edit menu on Linux), then Applications and scroll down to file in the Content Type column. In the Action column, select Use other… from the drop down list and choose your favorite file manager. Since I’m using Kubuntu, I chose Dolphin since it’s lighter and loads more quickly.

Is your Applications list empty? You can fix that problem by reading my previous post, “Firefox 3 Beta Applications Preference Empty on Kubuntu / Xubuntu“.

One thought on “Firefox 3 Beta Downloads Always Open in the Same Application”

  1. Is there a way to force the opening of a link as a generic text content in a new tab in Firefox.
    For example, opening a txt file should be easy for Firefox… (without downloading and then firing some local text editor like Kate )
    The same should be possible with any content, if i want to see the inside of a jpg file or doc headers, etc