Gmail Storage Space Counter Speedup

I thought I was seeing things but the counter on the Gmail login page that indicates the maximum amount of storage space for your account is counting up faster than before. The Official Gmail Blog confirmed this on Friday.

“In April 2005, we started increasing Gmail storage as part of our “Infinity+1” storage plan. At that time, we realized we’d never reach infinity, but we promised to keep giving Gmail users more space as we were able. That said, a few of you are using Gmail so much that you’re running out of space, so to make good on our promise, today we’re announcing we are speeding up our counter and giving out more free storage.”

In addition, Google Apps will be getting a storage increase as well. Standard and Education Editions will be getting the same space as the non-Apps version of Gmail (instead of just 2 GB). Premiere Edition (the subscription based version) will go from 10 GB to 25 GB.

Since Yahoo! Mail has unlimited storage space, this is a welcome change even though I have yet to fill up my mailbox.

One thought on “Gmail Storage Space Counter Speedup”

  1. i think u missed the point. its the idea of projected growth and stability. theyre pretty much the only indestructible buisnesses that will never suffer loss due to a lousy market. i really wish i could have a job writing for them myself. anyways its just kinda catchy.