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Ran into a situation with a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 that also seems to plague the Wireless Laser Mouse 8000. When placing the Laser Mouse on its charging cradle, the LED on the top of the mouse slowly flashes green for a few seconds, as if it was successfully charging the NiMH battery inside, but then switches to rapidly flashing the LED red.

Taking the rechargeable battery out also results in the flashing red LED. So, the battery is clearly not being recharged. This is further corroborated by the short battery life.

Microsoft LaserMouse 7000 upside-down with open battery compartment

Microsoft LaserMouse 7000 upside-down with open battery compartment

I saw online that some people have found some sort of button underneath the battery and that it’s not being depressed. However, the mouse I was having problems with did not have such a button. There is a small hole under the battery, but no switch or button in the hole.

Upon further investigation, I noticed that the positive metal plate in the battery compartment of the mouse has two plastic rails holding it in place.

Battery removed showing the plastic rails at the positive conductor

Battery removed showing the plastic rails at the positive conductor

When putting the battery inside, the rails tend to press back against the top of the battery such that the battery’s tip doesn’t make good contact with the metal. Since the metal plate is tapered inward, it only makes reliable contact with the battery when the battery is pushed all the way down into the compartment.

Notice the short tip on the rechargeable battery and the rails pressing back against it

Notice the short tip on the rechargeable battery and the rails pressing back against it

As a result of this plastic getting in the way and preventing the battery from making contact with the positive conducting plate, of course it can’t recharge. It also explains why it only charges for a few seconds–just until the battery slips out of position and loses contact. However, the fix for this recharging problem is rather simple.

Fold the paper (left); place on top of battery (center); insert into mouse (right)

Fold the paper (left); place on top of battery (center); insert into mouse (right)

  1. Cut a small piece of paper a little shorter than the length of the battery and about twice as wide
  2. Fold the paper in half to achieve a thickness of two sheets of paper
  3. Place the battery into the battery compartment
  4. Put the paper on top of the battery
  5. Close the battery cover

The cover should go on snugly so that it firmly presses the battery into the compartment. That will enable the positive tip of the Laser Mouse’s battery to stay in contact with the positive conductor plate. If it doesn’t press firmly enough, add one more sheet that’s half the width of the first one (for a thickness of three sheets).

After applying this little fix, the problem mouse’s LED properly throbs green and charges up completely.

(Update: Added photos)

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  • Peter Ridge says:

    @Aleck: Wow, needed a combo fix. Glad you got it worked out.

  • salvatore says:

    ciao, io ho il microsoft 8000, ho lo stesso problema ma non ho risolto con la tua soluzione, come posso fare?

    english version

    hello, I have the microsoft 8000, I have the same problem but I solved it with your solution, how can I do?

  • Daniel Bader says:

    Great job!
    Danke aus Deutschland – dieser Tip funktioniert einwandfrei.

  • Eryk says:

    Hehe kawałek papieru czyni cuda :):):) Wielkie dzięki za podpowiedź, nie przesadźcie z grubością papieru, nie wiem czy to tylko u mnie, ale ja kombinowałem kilka razy aż trafiłem na odpowiednią grubość, jak było za grubo papieru to problem pozostawał.

    Pozdrawiam i jeszcze raz dzięki

  • Mike says:

    There is a hidden switch under a piece of plastic in the middle of the battery compartment that has to be depressed by the battery. I just had to press the battery in better and it worked. Bad design.

  • Tom says:

    wow really really thank you for the advice it helped me alot

  • Jayesh says:

    Hello ,Thanks for solving the problem.I replaced battery and now its green led blinking slowly.I want to say that you can also fill the gap for long time and effectively by applying little soldering on positive plate of mouse.

  • Jayesh says:

    none trick work for long, I opend whole mouse to study there is not any switch being pressed by battery, nothing there. This is bogas product by microsoft to cheat people.
    1 I use paper trick
    2 Used duracell 1000mamp rechargable new cell
    3 apply tin by soldering iron on positive nod of battery
    compartment to ensure firm connection
    4 Now i cant do more excepting using xtra charger to charge cell. Huuhh

  • Sue says:

    Absolutely worked. Thanks!

  • Mateusz says:

    Great lifehack! Works like a charm.

  • alex says:

    Hi, can you tell me. does the wireless receiver for microsoft wireless laser mouse 7000 model 1142 works with all mouses same model? Or each receiver paired with original keyboard and mouse? I interested because have some mouses same model and looking for receivers.
    Kind Regards Alex

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