The Ultimate LCD Monitor Thread

As a follow up to my mini-review of the Samsung SyncMaster 245BW, I’d like to point out a very good thread I found on Anandtech’s forum called, what else, “The LCD Thread“. It goes into great detail on everything you’d possibly want to know about LCD monitors. It also has a list of some of the best monitors for specific uses such as office work, hardcore gaming, web design, etc.

The SyncMaster 245BW isn’t in the list but a smaller version, the 20-inch SyncMaster 205BW, is. Not sure if the 245BW and 205BW use the same type of LCD panel or if the 245BW uses the brighter S-PVA panel like the one in the Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC (also made by Samsung). If anyone knows, post a reply here.