Sony BDP-BX57 BDP-S570 Blu-ray Player Can’t Connect to Internet over Wi-Fi

A lot of people are having problems connecting the Sony BDP-BX57 and BDP-S570 Blu-ray disc players to the Internet via Wi-Fi with encryption enabled (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.). I ran into this as well, but eventually got it working with a pretty easy fix. So, don’t return yours to Costco or BestBuy just yet.

To make sure your connection problem isn’t a configuration error, be sure that your SSID in the player’s wireless network configuration matches the one in your wireless router (properly entered upper- and lowercase letters, if any). It’s a good idea to turn off all wireless encryption to verify that the Blu-ray player connects via Wi-Fi without it and that video or music streams properly over the network.

Finally, verify that your Blu-ray player’s firmware is up to date. Some earlier network problems were the result of firmware bugs and you want to make sure that you’re not suffering from one of those problems. The current version, at the time of this post, is M04.R.735. To find the firmware version in your disc player, do the following:

  1. From the player’s main menu, scroll all the way to the left to Setup.
  2. Select System Settings, then System Information at the bottom.
  3. The firmware version appears near the top of the screen.

If your firmware is older than M04.R.735, update it before continuing on. I’ll wait right here.

All set to continue? Good. If you updated the firmware, double check that unencrypted wireless is still working. Now, re-enable encryption in the wireless router, set the corresponding encryption mode in the player (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.) and enter the correct encryption key. At this point, if you’re encountering the problem, having enabled encryption will result in a good wireless connection, but no Internet access. The player’s green Wi-Fi LED on the front of the device will be on, but the IP address will start with 169 instead of the usual 172 or 192.

It seems that firmware changes can introduce problems with the network configuration information or other related data in the system. As a result, encryption over the wireless doesn’t work properly. To fix this, do the following:

  1. In the player’s menu, scroll all the way to the left to Setup.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select Resetting.
  3. Select Reset to Factory Default Settings. Don’t worry, it won’t reset just yet.
  4. Select Network Settings to wipe out all the network configuration data.
  5. Re-enter the wireless network settings that you did before. (I know, it’s a pain.)

That’s it. It should connect to the wireless and to the Internet now. Wiping the old network data and re-entering it removes whatever was causing the wireless not to properly encrypt the network communication. If, for some reason, resetting just the Network Settings isn’t enough, you can opt to reset everything. It’s the last reset item in the menu.

Did it work for you? Do you have a different model Sony Blu-ray player or even a different brand with a similar problem and found a fix? Post your experiences in the comments.

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  1. Struggled for a month, tried all the different suggestions, with the exception of the most obvious. Eventually, switched the router off for a minute, 570BDP works fine now!

  2. Spent all day on this. In the end, it seems “allow router to accept incoming PING” or similar (depends on router I guess) is essential. Enable that, reboot, reset everything on the Sony box, and Bob’s your father’s brother.

  3. I also had problems getting my BR player to connect wirelessly to my router, a Linksys WRT54G. I had WPA set up, but after going into the settings, found that the “Maximum Number of DHCP Users:” was to 3. I don’t remember doing that, but I had 3 wireless devices that worked for years, so I guess I did. Changed that number to 4, saved changes and had the BR retry to connect. Bingo. It’s working great.

    I’ve had the router for some time and thought maybe it was too old to work, and am happy I don’t have to buy a new one. Yet.

  4. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hooked an old ethernet cable from my Sony bluray to the back of my Uverse wireless, updated the bluray and it did the rest, my kids are happy as pigs in mud! Way more options than my Roku!

  5. I had a similar problem in connecting to the internet with my Sony BDP-S390 and eventually went to the router site and found that the ‘MAC Access Control’ under ‘Wireless’ was set to ‘Allow’ mode. This meant that only those addresses already in the DHCP table could connect. I changed this to ‘Off’ and the Sony connected wirelessly immediately afterwards. Hopefully the WEP security code will stop any unauthorised intrusions but if some appear I’ll sort out how to change the DHCP accordingly and reset to ‘Allow’.

  6. @Zlazz: Good find. That filter would certainly get in the way of any new devices connecting to your network. The MAC Access Control provides very limited security, though, so turning it off is fine. However, WEP also provides minimal security as it only takes minutes to crack it. Use WPA2 instead of WEP. If your router doesn’t support WPA2, then at least use WPA.

  7. I have a BDPS570, firmware M04.R.787
    I cannot get this thing to connect or see any wired or wireless network connection. I have it going through a local router to the Linksys router. I have a Yamaha receiver going thru the same connection routing, and it is fine. The led at the local router port that the Sony is connected to does not light up. It will not see my wireless network either. It used to work great, wired or wireless. Any ideas before I trash this POS?

  8. I have a very weird problem. I cant connect to the Internet content. It says there is a connection problem with the server (i just finished a system update), but i have internet access. Right now i’m on the netflix site, which i accesed through the web browser….

  9. I reset 3 times the player to factory settings, restarted it and now its working fine. i also unplugged 2 times rhe router and once the modem. Hope it wil not fail again

  10. We have a Sony BluRay that we use to connect wirelessly to our home network, which is password protected. I recently had to repair some issues with the router and therefore reset the router password. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to reset the connection for the BluRay.
    I have reset the player back to factory defaults, twice, and when I perform Network Diagnostics, the results say that the Physical Connection, Access and Network are all “OK” and that the Network Connections are properly configured. Yet, I cannot connect to any Internet content, such as Pandora, YouTube, etc. I get an error saying that the player can’t connect to the server . I don’t understand, since Diagnostics say Network connections are all ok.

  11. I followed your advice and some of the IP resetting stuff in the comments. Nothing worked. Kept trying. After the fifth factory reset and router reset, I tried to get on Netflix. Didnt work. Clicked again. Didn’t work. Clicked again. Worked like a charm. I’m not sure anything I did mattered. Maybe it just works when it damn well pleases.

  12. I had the same problem as Gonzalo, It was working just fine and then all of a sudden just quit, but I could access the internet through the players browser. I was getting the “failed internet connection error” when I tried anything else, none of the solutions worked. I finally took out a blue ray disc that had been in there for awhile and presto problem solved. I have no idea why it stopped working with it in there suddenly but you may want to check that if yours had been working and now is not!

  13. I have a very weird problem. I cant connect to the Internet content. It says there is a connection problem with the server but i have internet access. Right now i’m on the netflix site, which i accessed through the web browser, but when I select Netflix or any other online thumbnail I get “a network connection error” and it won’t start. This just started last night.

  14. It’s very strange, indeed. Lots of people encountered this all of a sudden. I wonder if one of Sony’s servers was down or there was a routing problem somewhere on the Internet that prevented access to some and not others. It appears that everything started working again, just as mysteriously. So, at this point I’d conclude that it wasn’t the player.

  15. I got a BDP=S790 about six months ago. I did not try to setup the wireless internet until today. I put all the proper settings into the setup screens at least 8 times, and when I save, the screen says “Connection OK” “Internet Access Failed”. I really don’t get how it can connect to my network, but not have internet access. I did all the unplugging of the player, router and modem several times. Nothing helped. I called Sony Tech Support and they were no help either. I did check to make sure there are enough connections allowed on my router settings. So I am at a loss here. Sony is sending me a disc with the firmware upgrade, so maybe that will help. I am not holding my breath though. As soon as I started the wireless setup, it searched and found my network, so I just clicked on it and it put in network name exactly the way it is on my computer. I also inputted the security key a dozen times with no luck. And yes, I do know it is case sensitive. I have setup three computers and a wireless printer on my network and have never had a single problem. Why this Bluray player is causing me so many problems is a mystery. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.

  16. @Michael: Often, this is a DNS issue. However, to minimize the number of things that might be going wrong, can you hook up the player to the router with an Ethernet cable? Get it set up and see if it behaves that way. If it does, then update the player before retrying the wireless.

  17. I have the same issue with my BDP-S590. Screen says “Connection OK” “Internet Access Failed”. This worked before I did the recent upgrade so reckon it has errors in it. I’ve downloaded the update and will try updating again via disc to see if this fixes the issue. All other devices connect to my router fine. Sony has messed something up big time! Internet searches say lots of people have this issue but some have fixed it by resetting or by deregistering the device and re-registering. I’ve tried those with no luck!

  18. Enabled Dynamic Routing on my Linksys router and all is good! Now the Sony and the router can talk “Connection is OK” and “Internet Access is OK” as well.

  19. My BDP S570 and / or wireless router get confused from time to time and a manual reset of the router fixes all. Also a good idea to check the DHCP leases from time to time and renew before troubleshooting.

  20. Spent 4 nights on the phone with different Sony techs. Advice from one – update firmware. Second tech, DO NOT update firmware, third tech – you cannot update firmware as you are 2 behind and you can’t jump one. Download on CD disk next update and download…next tech, only update on CD-R disk and download…next tech, you can only download from USB port. Good Lord, People! After a total of 8.25 hours on the phone no one can resolve the problem. My systems shows connected as WIRED even though I am wireless. All techs left the calls scratching their heads. Get a gripe, Sony!

  21. Is it possible to connect a Sony BDP-BX510 bluray player wirelessly through my iPhone 5
    wireless hotspot? If so, help is kindly requested. Spent 2 days to no avail. Talked to Sony and Verizon for 2 or 3 hours today.