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Getting Things Done (GTD) Online

Trying to get things done while living in a digital world needs a digital solution. Web Worker Daily had a nice article today called, GTD for Bloggers: The Art of Stress-free Blogging. But it’s not limited to just bloggers. I found that I use some variation of many of these methods to manage my (mostly) paperless life, especially at work. No Daytimer, Moleskin or inked lists of tasks for me. It’s digital all the way, baby.

Sometimes Doing the Right Thing Just Takes a Little Nudge

Had a funny experience last night while waiting to meet with friends for dinner. Having arrived at the restaurant early, I sat on a bench outside enjoying the nice weather. A few minutes later, a lady makes an illegal U-turn and pulls into the second parking spot from the end in front of the restaurant. Unfortunately, she parks about 6″-8″ over the line into the last spot. “Way to go,” I think to myself.

After she spends a few minutes fixing her makeup, she gets out and looks at her parking handiwork. Then she takes a few steps toward the front door of the restaurant and stops. She turns around and, walking toward me, asks if I think anyone would mind that she’s taking up two parking spots.

Pretty funny question. It’s as though my agreeing with her would make it all better somehow. Anyway, I tell her that it depends if someone might get annoyed by it. She paused for a moment and then got back in her car to move it over. After she got back out, she rechecked her work and I said, “Much better!” She smiled and said something to the effect of, “some people can get annoyed” (I guess to either imply that getting annoyed by such a thing is unreasonable or that some people can get out of hand about such a little thing).

Shortly after that, someone pulled into the last parking spot. Chalk one up for the forces of good.